What’s the Difference Between a Fabrication Shop & Welding Shop?

Here at Precision Metal Manufacturing in Mesa, AZ, we describe ourselves as a ‘custom metal fabrication shop’ . But people have asked us what’s the difference between a fabrication shop – often just called a fab shop – and a welding shop? Both are integral parts of the metalworking industry, but they serve different purposes and often specialize in different aspects of the manufacturing process.

Fabrication Shops

    • A fabrication shop, like PMM, typically focuses on the entire process of creating metal structures or components from raw materials. This process includes cutting, bending, shaping, and assembling metal pieces to create your desired product.
    • Fab shops often have a range of equipment such as saws, shears, presses, and CNC machines to perform various fabrication tasks.
    • Fabrication shops may work on projects ranging from small-scale products to large structural components for industries like construction, automotive, aerospace, and more.
    • Fabrication shops employ skilled fabricators who can read blueprints, understand engineering drawings, and have expertise in various fabrication techniques.

Welding Shops

    • A welding shop specializes specifically in the welding process, which involves joining metal pieces together using heat and/or pressure to create a strong bond.
    • Welding shops may work on projects that require joining metal components together, either fabricated in-house or provided by external sources.
    • Welding shops use various welding techniques such as MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), stick welding, and others, depending on the requirements of the project.
    • Skilled welders in a welding shop are trained to understand different types of metals, welding procedures, and safety protocols.

While both fabrication and welding shops deal with metalworking, some fabrication shops like Precision Metal Manufacturing can handle the entire process of creating metal structures or components, while welding shops specialize specifically in joining metal pieces together through welding processes.

Often, these two types of shops may collaborate closely, with fabrication shops providing the components and welding shops performing the necessary welding to assemble them into the final product. But, here at PMM, we have our own welding experts on site, so we can handle your entire job from design to final assembly.

Our 6,000sf Mesa fab shop specializes in short run production of highly-quality steel, stainless steel, and aluminum parts and products. Our process includes 3D design & prototypingbending and cutting, and final finishing & assembly.

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