What Does it Cost to Work with a Metal Fab Shop?

What does it cost to work with a metal fabrication shop? Good question! If you’ve never used a fab shop before, how would you know what to expect when it comes to pricing? The simple answer, of course, is that every job is different.

At Precision Metal Manufacturing in Mesa, we believe our pricing is fair for the excellent quality of work that you will receive. We base our costs for each project on the following factors:

1. Raw Material Costs – How Much is the Metal?

The raw materials that make up your final product will be a big factor in the overall price of your job. It’s not just the type of metal that we/you choose to or need to use, but the grade (quality) of that metal, and the amount you need. As with anything in life, the higher the grade, the higher the cost. We can help you research the raw materials for your job, and make some recommendations to balance quality and price. Metal pricing varies according to the market – the pandemic was crippling, for example, when raw material pricing went through the roof. So availability – good old supply & demand –  is also a factor.

2. Skilled Labor Costs – How Many Hours on a Job?

The particulars of your job will dictate how many labor hours are needed for our skilled craftsmen to complete your project from start to finish. Our hourly rates are very competitive for the Arizona market, and we provide an honest assessment based on our our experience. How much time will be needed for hand assembly, or welding, or other finishing, for example?

3. Overhead – The Cost of Doing Business

Every business, whether a metal fab shop like us, a grocery store, or an accountant’s office has overhead. These indirect costs are built into every quote for every job undertaken in American business. Utilities, building costs, supplies, marketing, the general costs of running a business, are covered by every quote or estimate a company issues.

4. Design Engineering – What Price for Precision?

If you need our help bringing your project to life at the design stage, then we will need to factor in engineering hours. This is the time we take to perfect your product or part before we cut metal. We use SOLIDWORKS for our 3D renderings. Our aim is to make the correct part the first time and every time, and for that we need precision.

Need an Estimate?

We would love the opportunity to provide you with a quote, to demonstrate our value, and to earn your business! We believe in the quality of our work and the fairness of our pricing. Contact us today. Call 480-987-2466 or email info@azpmm.com to schedule a call or meeting with our GM, Michael Stimens, who will discuss the details of your job and provide an estimate.

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