Putting the Precision into Metal Manufacturing & Assembly

At our 6,000 sq ft metal fabrication shop, conveniently located just south of the Phoenix- Mesa Gateway Airport in Mesa, AZ, we aim for precision in all our metal manufacturing and assembly. Everything we do for our customers at our shop comes together in the final manufacturing phase, where our customers’ parts are hand assembled, welded, and precisely finished by our skilled craftsmen.

Finishing Processes

Depending on the product or the part we are manufacturing, there are a variety of final fabrication, assembly, or finishing processes. Each job is different, which is why we will discuss the custom finish you want at the outset, when we spec the job out with you.


We are not a welding shop, but we do have great welders in house, experienced in both MIG welding and TIG welding. We do occasionally take on standalone welding jobs. We might take on pre-cut sub-assemblies, or assemblies where another shop has cut and formed the metal, but they don’t have the in-house welding capability to bring the parts together. If you’re in that situation, we can help, but we would rather do the whole job for you – from design to final assembly.


This assembly process is a machined alternative to welding. We use our PEMSERTER® Hardware Insertion Press for insertion of PEM fasteners, where applicable, to avoid welding and still maintain a professional finish. Penn Engineering & Manufacturing (PEM) presses are designed to safely, accurately, and quickly install PEM fasteners. Whether it is a complex or simple installation challenge, using our PEMSERTER press system and PEM hardware provides consistent quality results. PEM hardware is permanently installed into sheet metal components using self-clinching technology.


Metal finishing is an all-encompassing term that includes the process of cleaning, polishing or otherwise improving a metal surface. It can also be used to describe the process of placing some type of metal coating on the surface of a metallic part. In terms of our finishing hardware, we have a 37” wide belt sander and vibratory deburring machine that provide the perfect finish for our parts and products.


Come and talk to us about your custom welding or finishing requirements. We would love the opportunity to earn your business!  Contact us today. Call 480-987-2466 or email info@azpmm.com to schedule a visit.

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